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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 28, 2018 6:00am-6:58am EST

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a soggy start to your sunday. a live look now at storm scan3 , shows, rain all across the reason on. meteorologist, chelsey ingram, is ahead to tell us what these showers mean for the rest of the weekend. >> plus: fly eagles fly. today the team boards the plane to minnesota, after spending their saturday meeting with fans for farewell pep rallies. >> today is sunday, january 28th, good morning, i'm january car bay e we start with the forecast, here's meteorologist, chelsey ingram. good sunday morning, really pouring out there when i came in this morning. how is it looking? >> totally different store what i we dealt with yesterday yesterday made it to 59 degrees, good amount of sunshine, felt like spring. today very different store i
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already is. that's because of cold front that's going to be crossing the region, live look at the city, spring garden street. you can see those wet roads out there. and also take to you another live look from our live neighborhood network from across the river, palmyra cove nature park new jersey, see the low clouds out there, and we are dealing with some light rain across the region. there is the front, it will be very slow to push through the region throughout the day today. so some spots are going to see that rainfall lingering little bit longer than others, as a result, but as we look little bit closer, zooming in, we can see some steady rain falling near places like allentown, also some steady and even some pockets of moderate rain falling in and around dover. dealing with some light steady rain right here in philadelphia. that's going to be the trends throughout the day today. notice, temperatures, very uniform really across the region, right around 50 degrees in philadelphia. fifty-two in millville. not huge difference headed down the shore, 53 degrees in wildwood. fifty-three in dover. not going to see the numbers
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moving too much throughout the day today. high temperature right around 53 degrees. but we'll see the numbers dropping slightly headed into the afternoon in the rain continues to cool the atmosphere. more coming coming up including when the rain moves out region by region, back to you. >> chills, thank you. >> 6:02 now, it is off to minneapolis for the eagles, the players are packing their bags, and are ready to make their dream of winning the super bowl a reality. the game just one week away now. lesley van arsdall explains how the birds are preparing for the big night. >> the eagles will depart from minnesota today for super bowl lii. yesterday they held their final practice, practiced for 90 minutes, they're week away from playing on the beg he is stage in sports, something they dreamed about as a child now that is about to become a reality. >> the opportunity to do something that you always dreamed of doing, and really
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just show your talent, represent your hometown, this organization, this city, and i mean, you know, all eyes on you. >> it is exciting, definitely, you know, when you first think about it, it is a little surreal, because you have worked so long, and talk about it so much over the last year that now we're finally here, but that light switches on, yes, we earned the right to be here. so it is not real a surprise. you know we're looking forwards to capitalizing the moment, enjoying the moment, and obviously preparing to. >> the birds expected to land late this afternoon and head over to the team hotel. patriots leave tomorrow. i'm lesley van arsdall, for eyewitness sports. >> and before leaving philadelphia, some eagles held a meet and greet yesterday take a look fans cheered safety rodney mcleod in mayfair. where rolls auto sales hosed farewell pep ralliment fans came out to celebrate the
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eagles else nfc championship win and to send the team off to victory in real philly style. >> it is no better feeling right now than to come out here, see all of these fans, to help us get to where we are right now, so peace time out before we head out the road and before we bring this trophy back to the sit. >> i so mcleod says the defense will be trying to play mistake free football sunday for the super bowl. >> meantime, linebacker mychal kendricks and cornerback ronald darby and patrick robinson made appearance at the oxford valley mall in bucks county. the fan favorite signed eagles gear and took pictures with fans there. they appreciate the send off they're getting from eagles nation. >> for the fans, especially during game day, of course, but they took time out of their day to see us. so like it is a great feeling. >> fans chanted guess what the eagles fight song, many times during that meet and greet.
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>> eagles tighten, tray burton , and linebacker dan he will ellerbee spent the afternoon signing autographs at carl's cards ancient, in havertown, line wrapped around the store to see them as fans flocked to see some of their favorite football players up close and personal. >> well, when super bowl lii becomes history the eagles hope to come home with their first vince lombardi trophy. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> so a mid fanfare, the trophy arrived in minneapolis with the help of minnesota native and former viking matt burke. he helped the baltimore ravens win the lombardi trophy in super bowl 47 back in 2013. >> the lombardi trophy is part of the super bowl experience, at the minneapolis convention center while only the eagles and the patriots of course will play next week, entire national football league is represented here. and despite last week's eagles 38 to seven victory over the minnesota vikings, even birds fan felt welcome.
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>> everyone is nice, people come up, pat you on the back, tell you good luck, minnesota nice all the way. >> there you go. from watching, making of football, to catching passes, there sure is plenty to do there. a lot of distractions, super bowl experience runs through next week. one of the more notable attractions near downtown minneapolis is a sin line poor feel advera tour us enough to cross the mississippi river by high wire. on the north zip line, riders will fly 100 feet above the river from nicolet islands toward downtown minneapolis ment the zip lines 750 feet long, people will be able to zoom by at 30 miles per hour. pretty cool. numerous law enforcement officers are already in place there. humvees are parked at every intersection of the nicolet outdoor mall. that's where the super bowl live activities are all taking place. authorities are using a humvee to block tracked -- tractor, so pedestrians can safely walk around, also using concrete
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barriers. >> now, we want you to share how you're supporting the eagles, get detectives out in your best gear, then snap a picture, just use the #cbs3 on facebook, twitter and instagram. and you may see your fan moments right here on " eyewitness news." and of course, "eyewitness news" is bringing you all of the excitement from the super bowl with live coverage actually starting tonight. sport director don bell will be live in minneapolis after the grammy awards. and we will be with the birds through next sunday as they go for one more win. and remember, when we're not on tv our eagles coverage continues on line at >> in other news today, argument in north philadelphia ends with one man dead and another man on the run. police say someone stabbed a 25 year old plan last night on the 2,000 block of north gratz street. he died from a stab pound wound to the chest. police are searching for a suspect. they've not yet found the weapon. and we're hearing from the uber driver who recorded cell phone video of suspicious fire
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that sent a teenager to the hospital in northeast philadelphia. firefighters responded to reports of flames shooting out of the home on the 1300 block of rhawn street in frankford around 11:30 p.m. friday night family tells "eyewitness news" that the 17 year old injured in that fire is now recovering at st. christopher hospital. and uber driver in the area at the time says he called 911, then took cell phone video of the flames, take a look. >> it looks like it started from the porch maybe. that's where the fires were coming. then all the sudden just the whole house started on fire. so i'm just praying to god that who ever is in the house got out. >> firefighters got that fire under control just before midnight. the cause of the fire is still under vehicles. well still to come this morning right here on cbs-3 " eyewitness news": the latest on the embattled casino mogel, steve win, and his role with republican national committee after sexual harrassment allegations surface. also ahead: millimeters away from death.
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the freak accident that sent a boy to the hospital with a screw piercing his skull. plus the flu is hitting specially hard this year, and now we're learning how the virus can trigger yet another potentially deadly danger. >> and then in our next half hour, we'll have this the countdown on for music's biggest night, i'm nicky batiste at madison square guards ween look at some of this year's grammy downsizing.
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>> president trump. trump plans to showcase when he delivers his first state of the tune and address tuesday night. as hena doba reports there is follows more protests over his policies. >> hundreds every protesters hit the streets of washington saturday. many demanding the impeachment of president trump, a day after the president returned to the white house from his trip to the world economic forum in switzerland. >> i think it was a very, very successful trip. >> mr. trump did not address the new york times report that said he would order the firing of special council robert mueller last summer. cbs news has confirmed that the president expressed anger at mueller's investigation. and raised concerns about potential conflict of interest advisors, including white house lawyer, don motorcycle began, convinced mr. trump that the conflict weren't grounds to dismiss mueller and that firing him would be politically catostrophic. president changed his mind. >> fake news, folks, fake news
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>> what's your message today? >> new york times, factor. >> i mr. trump denied that he wanted to fire mueller but sat silent on the issue, neither speaking nor tweet being it. >> we don't know what kind of of the special council has, he's not giving reporters updates. he's keeping his collared close. the big question on everybody's mind right now when will the president talk about mueller and if he will, or whether he'll back out that far. >> earlier this week mr. trump said he was looking forward to being interviewed by mueller and hoped it would happen soon hena doba, cbs 3, "eyewitness news." >> casino mogel steven wynn has resigned as finance chairman of the republican national committee, amid allegations of sexual misconduct. on friday, the wall street journal reported a who say wynnr assaulted them. he is a chairman andf wynn resorts, wynn has said he took the rnc job at president r. >> he's asked a way in
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he ought to encourage the republican national committee to return every given. >> now, wynn denies the them preposterous. >> president trump is condemning car bombing attk afgd at least 95 people and iedth tag responsibility for suicide bomber who with explosives pasta police check point, and into a sew the dark set believed to have been an interior ministry building, but many peo by. meantime, in france, the riverks this drone video shows how serious flooding has become in paris, exceptionally rains forced evacuations cents from homes, businesses and disrupted train travel there. experts say, rainfall in paris has been twice as high as normal. >> closer to home now, ice jams causing flooding in parts of pennsylvania. this was the scene in
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wrightsville pennsylvania where the susquehanna river was jammed with chunks every ice. central pennsylvania still thawing out from frigid temperatures. ice jams have also caused flooding problems in places further north. >> now, back here in the delaware and lehigh valley, rainy this morning. >> that's right. we also have that flood threat for ice jams possible as you head up toward monroe, northampton counties, as well, that's until about 4:00 p.m. so flood watch located out there. but yes, dealing with a mess today, january, in fact, live look at the bethlehem area. you can see, that the wet roads as we are starting out your day today, now, some locations are going to see that rain lingering around a little bit longer than others. it looks like, places north and west might get the better part of sunday, and see things drying out little bit quicker than everybody else. we will take you now to live look at center city. you can see, weaver some raindrops located on the camera lens there. current temperature right around 50 degrees, it feels like 50 degrees, weaver winds coming in out of the southwest , at about 8 miles per hour, so while still
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dealing with the southwesterly winds, things are going to stay mild. but we will see that win direction changing, behind a cold front, and that will cool us down as we head into the start of the work week, and even into the middle of the work week, things are looking rather chilly for us. we will talk about that in the seven day forecast. we have 50 degrees right now in wilmington. right around 52 degrees, in millville, down the shore, a little bit milder, 53 degrees, in wildwood, 54 atlantic city. forty-five allentown, nod bat there, 46 in reading, very mild start to your day today. here is a look at the cold t. to our west so that's going to be very slow to pass throughout the dayre dealing with rain, and steady rain, across much of the region, in fact,y bates just south and east of allentown right now, just south and east of the lehigh valley, moderate , rea,portions of kent county, also into cumberland county, new jersey, near morris very wet sunday on our hands.
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when the rain will be moving ta, looking at future weather how things will be panniuting some locations will see things drying out quicker than others b points north and west every town by about 10:00 a.m., start to see some drying poconos, asnto the lehigh we head into about the 3:00 hour or so, maybe a little bit earlier, maybe a little bit later, give or take , if i could say that. right along i95, we start to see things drying out. but it does look like lasts like down the shore virtual points, see rain lingering even as late as into the overnight hours tonight. then we are going to dry out headed into monday, see some sunshine to start the day before clouds begin to filter back in, out ahead of the next chance for some precipitation. so, in the city and suburbs, periods of rain, through now, about 3:00 p.m. this afternoon , down the shore, steady rain, through midnight, we could even see some lingering around into the over night hours, lehigh valley, poconos, moderate to light
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rain, that's going to be now through about 10:00 this morning, then you guys seeing things clearing out and drying out. maybe even peak every sunday shine up into the lehigh valley, and the poconos before the day is through. nonetheless, headed into very active pattern. that will front moves off shore, area of low pressure travels along it, it is going to intensify a little bit. also, disturbance moving through from the great lakes. so as a result, we will deal with chance for little light snow as come cold air works its way in, as we head into tuesday. there is still some differences on the timing. some models want to bring that chance for snow? as early as monday night. but most of the models bring it in as early as tuesday morning. so, we're still keeping an eye on the timing with that chance for some snow. mild with rain at times today. 53 degrees for that high temperature, your eyewitness weather seven day forecast looks like this, 47 monday, 36 tuesday, with chance for light snow again, accumulations are going to be 2 inches or less, if this even does verify, blustery sunshine wednesday,
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jan, wednesday looking rather chill. >> i chelsey, thank you. 6:18 now. new research confirms link between the flu and heart attacks. health reporter stephanie stahl explains the findings of this new study. >> ronald la brain got his first flu shot ever this year. the 69 year old with heart disease has had two heart attacks in the past. >> i'm always saying no, i don't want a flu shot. it hits me, and i decided to do it. >> new study suggesting his decision could help keep his heart healthy. research published in the new england journal of medicine says the chances of heart attack increase six folds, during the first seven days after getting sick with the flu. >> during their flu episode, their body goes through a lot of changes, it goes through increased inflammation, increased stress, their blood vessels tends to go into spasms, their blood get little more thicker. >> researchers looked at 20,000 adults in canada found the risk may be hire for older adults, patients with influenza b infections, and patients who have never had a
6:20 am
heart attack. doctors say the findings magnify the importance of getting vaccinated, and taking precautions, like washing your hands and staying home at least 24 hours after a fever subsides. >> this season in particular, has been devastating for patient who have had heart disease, diabetes, asthma, because when they've had the flu, their risk of having respiratory problems including death has been very high. >> ronald says he plans to get vaccinated every year from now on. >> people are dying out there. and i don't even have a tickle in my throat. >> federal health officials say the flu continues to surge nationally. and this flu season is now the most severe since 2009. they also add it is still not too late to get a flu shot. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, " eyewitness news". meantime, doctors say, only 1 millimeter made a life or death difference for a 13 year old boy in maryland. we should warn you some of these pictures are graphic.
6:21 am
darius foreman fell while building a tree house last weekend in saulsbury. a wooden planning with a 6- inch screw sticking out of it slammed into his head. neurosurgeon doctor allen dough and said if the teen had pulled out that screw, he likely would have died. >> you see the screw here coming down into the brain. so if we were unscrew it there could be torrential hemoraging >> doctors got that screw out, darius already out of the hospital, and will be just fine. wow. well, coming up after the break, we go back out to our eagles coverage. that is next on cbs-3 " eyewitness news" this sunday morning. >> if you think you're true eagles fan, well, you haven't met walter russell. i'm greg argos here at the linc, i'll introduce you to 79 year old man who holds very
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>> philadelphia is known for its devoted eagles super fans, er no on bleeds more green than walter russell. the 79 year old has been a on nearly six decades. as "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos explains, he's his ea super bowl win. >> breaks myea tampa bay is at super bowl. >> seventy-nine year oldll sit h five decades of super bowl on auper bowl jersey. >> the stats and scores, winners and losm,ere we are. >> you can only hope what will fill the pages
6:25 am
lii. >> this bucket list time here for me, you know what i am ' saying? through a lot. the ups, the downs, the smiles , and the tears. the longest tenured eagles season ticket holder in franchise, is . >> we decide to get a season ticket with $36 for the years. >> that was in 1960 when walter was 20. he's never missed an home game until 1999. >> the hike the appalachian trail in 1999 and i missed two pre-season games before i finished the trail. >> family events. >> all of the christenings and stuff are on away weeks. miss a game? no, no. >> even this year's back surgery, scheduled to accommodate the birds. >> had the surgery on the fifth and on the 13th we're walking down into stadium with a wheelchair and had a great time. >> now this retired stone mason who helps build veteran stadium is hoping for the ultimate win.
6:26 am
>> fifty years as an eagles season ticket holder. >> but like true eagles fan, he's cautiously optimistic. >> i hate to admit it, but it is a guarded thing. >> and though he's not able to make it to minneapolis, he's watching the game with family, deep down walter knows the birds are soaring to victory. >> this is going to be something that will last with me forever. >> in south jersey, greg argos , cbs-3, "eyewitness news ". hoping for a big w for walter there. well, more eagles coverage is coming up in the next half hour right here on cbs-3 " eyewitness news" this sunday morning. >> good morning. well the eagles are soaring to minnesota. later today, i'm anita oh, at the nova care complex, coming up. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ coming up on cbs-3 ♪ >> we're going to talk to a guy who is nominated for a grammy, that's will, will, what do you think of that, good take?
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>> i don't know, man. probably do it again. that was pretty bad? >> little bad. little bad. >> okay. well, i'll work on, that and we'll talk to will when we come back. >> a man of many talents, pat gallen, he'll be up after the break. plus you need your umbrella this morning, meteorologist, chelsey ingram back to tell us just how long this rain will last, that's whether " eyewitness news" continues. stay with u
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>> good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. a rainy start to our day. meteorologist, chelsey ingram, liver in the weather center this morning with a check on the forecast. good morning, kelly. >> good morning, jan, good morning to you at home. certainly not what we enjoyed yesterday with the sunshine and also those very mild temperatures, today, still mild, but the different story is you're dealing with the rainout there. live look at the camera in cape may, atop the montreal in n. just look at the wet roads. you can see the rain falling, as well. we will take you now to storm scan3, we are dealing with cold front, that's going to be very slow to push through the region throughout the day today. so, as a result, some areas are going to see the rain lingering around a little bit longer than other. zooming you in, little bit tighter, you can see, we have some pt rainfall moving through southern kent county, delaware , also, pushing intond county, and south jersey.
6:31 am
everyone else dealing with the region, just a gross and damp way to wake up on th but, right around 50 degrees, so at least it is mild, right? 2 in millville. we some cold air that's going to bete the cold front it, will take little while to arrive. we will get little cooler as wend much cooler by tuesday, wednesday, high temperatures only in the 30's. so throughout the day today. grab the umbrella, if you are headed out the door, you will need iteratures lower 50's, noo, 50 degrees, with periods of rain. rain tapering off later onnoon, i'll have more details coming up in your full forecast for now jan sending it back to you. >> we are just one week away now from one more win. today, the eagles are heading to minneapolis, to the super bowl. they hope to come home with a vince lombardi trophy, " eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, live at the nova care complex this morning, in south philadelphia.
6:32 am
anita, good morning. >> good morning, jan, well the eagles are certainly confident that they can do that and so are the fans, and before the birds head to minneapolis, for the super bowl, later this morning, they met with fans yesterday at meet and greets all around our region, in bucks county you can take a look at this video, members of our defense were out there, linebacker mychal kendricks, quarterback ronald darby signed gear for fans at the oxford valley mall. now, if you were there to meet patrick robinson, he later apologized to fans for missing the signing due to circumstances outside of his control. >> and in mayfair, rolls auto sales posted farewell pep rally, that is where fans cheered on the team, and also, met eagles safety, rodney mcleod. >> there is no better feeling right now than to come out here, see all of the fans, last week, hemmed us get to where we are right now. so peace and time out before we head on this road, and before we bring this trophy back to the city. >> and i have spoken to a lot
6:33 am
of fans, and all of them say this season just feels different, it feels magical, and they're confident that the birds will win the super bowl next sunday. for now live at the nova care complex, anita oh, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> here's hoping, right, anita thank you, see you. >> absolutely. calling all eagles super fans, the philadelphia orchestra needs one lucky fan to conduct musicians while theyla victory song. all do you have do is smith a quick video ofninghy you think u should win. make sure you include that famous e over to the orchestra facebook, twitter, you for the win letter conduct victory song during the performance saty night. pretty cool. of course stay with " eyewitness news" as we coinl lii. tonight sport director don bell will report from minneapo at 10:00 on the "cw philly." then on cbs-3 after the gr
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the birds every step of the way as they go for one more win. when we'an always fine everything eagles onph today, it is music's biggest night, zero six ' annual gramm awards, airing right here on cbs-3. rehearsals were well underway this weekend at madison square garden, cbs news correspondent nicky batiste with all of the latest on all of the excitement. >> two years ago khalid was in high school, now he's going to the grammys. thanks to his hit location and young dumb and broke. >> people ask me like how did you do what you did so fast? i'm like i don't know. >> the 19 year old is up for five awards including best new artist, also in that category, 24 year old julia michaels, who scored with the song issues. >> my manager crept into my
6:35 am
room and was like sorry, but we just got nominated for two grammys and jumped on me and started crying and i was like >>ay-z leads this year's nominees with eight nominations, including both record year. >> kendrick lamar is next with >> he always delivers.f the he's thoughtful. he's controversial, he cares, and those are the kind of artists who likeow. >> while rehearsals continue here on madison square garden, starschec con out the gift loun. the lounge is filled with three good to skin care products, to sunglasses. >> over the years ricky anal leash a keys, had actually worn the glasses they wore lounge in the red carpet. >> even nominees who failed to win still won't go home
6:36 am
empty-handed. nicky batiste, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> so what exactly does it take to get nominated for grammy? well, our pat gallen sat down with a local music produce here is nominated for a look at the road to success they took. >> in the basement of a restaurant in conshohocken, there is an abundance of music history. >> studio four, also the headquarters, for local grammy nominated producer will, philly native, temple grad, has work with major act like lauryn hill and panic at the disco, and sunday he'll find out if he is taking home a grammy award for his work with heavy metal band code orange. but to get that grammy nod, he said it wasn't east. >> i it was definitely one of the most stressful times in my entire life. and i will tell them that. >> and they snow. >> you can tell me any of the records up for a grammy, that's crazy but it makes sense, we put so much work into it. i really believe that.
6:37 am
these muse -- musicians i work with, and our collaborative effort produced some of the best records in rock music, and code orange was there, was definitely that. >> what exactly does it take to be part of the select few who are up for a prestigious award? the albumn making process takes patience. >> usually from 10:00 to 9:00 in here together just grinding for 11 hours a day collaborating, tracking, pre proking, then back up mixing in my mix rig between 12:00 and 3:00, 4:00 a.m. and back here at 10:00. >> during that time it is about the finer detail. >> we do drums. we do bales. we do ton of guitar tracks. we do ton of local tracks, you know, we work on it. >> most of the time it takes month. from start to finish, from pre pro through the end of the mix >> the final part is the most difficult. >> then we spend weeks and weeks and weeks mixing it and putting all, you know, basically on track, ingredient , until the mix kind of cooking it together and
6:38 am
making, plate ago dish. >> pat gallen, cbs 3, " eyewitness news". >> hard work pays off. well, james cord on hoses the 60 annual grammy awards, don't miss single moment starting tonight at 7:30, right here on cbs-3. and then after the grammys , imagine being able to perform with your favorite muse significance? well it, really happened for one local super fan, he got to jam with the band. and he brought down the howls. finds out how he got on stage with absolutely no rehearsal time. you won't want to miss this killer story about the performance after lifetime. that's tonight on "eyewitness news" right after the grammys. >> meantime, new music from prince could be released soon according to an advisor for the estate of the late ledges end deer musician. report the music is coming soon, but so far no exact date for it release. prince had vault of unreleased music in his paisley park compound outside of minneapolis. that collection was then moved to climate controlled storage
6:39 am
facility in los angeles, after it was discovered that some of the recordings had deteriorated. >> well, coming up this morning right here on cbs-3 " eyewitness news," quick lesson in eagles history. our david spunt takes us back to the bird who started it all >> before there was swoop, there was peter the eagle. he's almost 200 years old. i'm david spunt, i'll tell you the potential connection between peter and the super bowl. >> i can't stand it, it will be the sweetest victory. >> birds going to win it all. >> fly eagles fly else! >> sounding off as we get closer to the super bowl. hear what eagles fans have to say about the patriots, and quarterback tom brain i -- brady. >> umbrellas this morning, hell i coats this week. meteorologist, chelsey inch grabbing back with how long the rain will last and the chance for snow and colder temperatures in the forecast. we will be back in a moment. stay with us.
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you've worked hard. busted tail. and impressed the boss. maybe it's time to be your own? transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it. >> back on "eyewitness news," this has become the month of the underdog, but it is almost the year of the dog, according to the chinese zodiac. "eyewitness news" is on hand for celebration of the chinese new year, at the pen museum in university city saturday. the family friendly event featured martial arts, demonstrations, fruit and vegetable carving, arts and crafts and so much more. we asked one woman what the chinese zodiac has to say about dogs, that can be applied to our underdog eagles
6:43 am
they work around, very well it was a game with other, yes, that's a personality of the dog. >> to be honest, loyal, and very friendly. >> makes sense. the chinese new year is traditionally celebrated for 16 days, culminating in a lantern festival. family time is a big part of that celebration. well, with all of our eagles coverage, it is time now for an eagles history lesson. it includes the eagle, that started all. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt, tells us about one special birds and it important legacy. >> ♪ >> long before challenger soured through the linc there was peter as in peter the eagle who soared through the first us mint in philly. >> during the day woe fly about city and at night he would return to the mint. >> with the mitn in philadelphia and says peter died sometime in the late 1820 's or early 1830's.
6:44 am
and the employees chipped in to stuff him. over the years, mint artist haves used him to inspire the backs of your coins. >> a look at his wings, a look at his beak, a look at his eyes, and they'll use that in their designs. >> peter the eagle served as inspiration fornt los, and incld ing this national recovery administration bluethim name we now know and love. but before there the yellow jacn the frankford yellow jackets, they playedall from 1924 to 1931. could, they beat the chicago team and are wonderful game in october 1931. >> doctor lee arnolds is with the historical society ofania ds programs, and newspaper articles from the 1920's, >> only one yellow jacket actually bthe rosters of the 19.
6:45 am
>> ten years ago the modern trie wearing the yellow jacket colors, jerseys sold to thee ens proved to be a better fit in philadelphia, after all, the yellow jackets know where the eagles with a proud history of peter and now challenger. >> i was interviewed by a boston paper this morning, and i had to inform him, you know it is not boston, right, it is philadelphia, where america was founded. >> that is a little eagles history. now, let's make history next sunday. go eagles. david spunt, cbs-3, " eyewitness news". yes, game just one week away now chelsey. >> i know. >> i was thinking? >> fingers crossed. >> the stars are kind of aligning, a lot of excitement in the air. that's for sure. but today dealing with some rain in the air across the region. we start you off with a live look, from across the river, you can see, we've got the clouds right now, this morning , also dealing with
6:46 am
some light rain across the region, not just here in philadelphia, but many areas dealing with that light rain, even couple of raindrops on our camera lens here, as we take a look at center city from our roof cam. it is right around 50 degrees, dealing with southwest winds at eight. so, that southwest wind is still helping to pump in that mild air as we start out your sunday morning. but we have some colder air that is going to be filtering on in. and it will take a little while to get here. but it is heading our way, tuesday, wednesday, looking much colder. temperatures right now, across the region, 52 degrees in millville. fifty-three down the shore, wildwood, atlantic city, in the four's right now, foreplays cents cents like allentown, 46 in reading, right around 45 degrees currently in lancaster, even in those locations dealing with very mild morning. here is the cold front situated just down to the west that's going to be pushing on through, throughout the day today, it is going to move through rather slowly, so some locations will be dealing with the rain, a little bit longer
6:47 am
than others, storm scan3 little more zoomed in. see some steady light rain across the region however we are tapping into some pockets of more moderate rain in portions of south jersey, and some of the heavier rain if you will will be to our south and east, as we head throughout the morning hours, and then things eventually tapering off for portions of the city later on this afternoon, we will talk more specific in just a moment. >> starting with future weather there is will help us get into the specifics. look how things pan out as we head into the next several hours. by about 9:00, 10:00. we start to see things already beginning to dry out up into the lehigh valley, as well as the poconos, and then as we head into the 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. time frame, we start to get that drying occurring right along the i95 corridor, however, the clouds are still sticking around for us here in philadelphia. areas north and west, could tap into few peaks of sunshine , and i think we're dealing with mainly clouds right along i-95. this rain is going to linger around little bit longer foreplays cents down the shore
6:48 am
perhaps even into the overnight hours tonight. then we start out the day with some sunshine in philadelphia on monday, before more clouds begin to filter on in, and that's going to happen out ahead of our next chance for some precipitation that could come in the form of snow. so, very active pattern is setting up as we head throughout the week. that front pushes off shore. we will see area of low pressure traveling right along it, it will strengthen a little bit as well. also, disturb and moving through from the great lakes into town, and together those are going to bring us that chance for a period of light snow as we head into tuesday. then high pressure builds in, and, man, we do turn much, much colder. so monday night into tuesday morning, that's kind of the time frame we will be watching for some minor accumulations of snowfall. and also temperatures turning significantly colder. so periods of light snow, the models still differing on the timing, some models bring the snow in as early as monday night. but majority of the models are saying no, tuesday morning, we
6:49 am
could be dealing with stick problems on the morning commute, or slick problems i should say for the morning commute. mild, rain at times today. temperatures in the lower 50's , generally, your eyewitness weather seven day forecast, 47 monday, mainly dry day. chance for light snow on tuesday, jan, i think accumulations are going to be 2 inches or less, some spots just picking up a drugs. back to you. >> all right, we will keep our eyes on that, thank you, chelsey. 6:49. time to check the roads. let's go over to matthew in the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning, matthew. >> good morning, jan wet and slick, might be patching of flooding moving to mass transit, service change for septa, market frankford line all trains will board due to improvement station there is will continue to the end of service today, weaver no other service, alerts for septa,
6:50 am
patco or new jersey gwenly lifing it at the cottman and 95, you can see, the shine coming from the roadway. traffic is slightig increasing l see lower speeds, due to the wet conditions on the roadways you might want to time for travel, when you head out this morning. live from the cbs-3 traffic center. jan, back to you. >> mat you, a being that you. with so many super bowl wins, manyeo patriots are the golds standards in the nfl. but, what do fateful think of them with the big game looming? bdy from eagles fans, next. think about the phillie fans wearing those dog masks? up. plus: how the eagles defense will deal with lewis, fd now plays for the patriots. defense will deal with lewis, fd now plays for the patriots. that's all coming up next in
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> patriots playing their tenth super bowl, third for the eagles, we went behind enemy lines, as the patriots were preparing, the eighth super bowl for brady and belichick, five and two in the big game, and rob returned to practice after suffering concussion in the afc title game. paths are the favorites, going into the game, and we all know how the eagles have embraced the role of the underdog, so tom brady was asked what thought about the eagles wearing dog masks, and playing with the chip on their shoulder. >> i don't think much about, you know, masks that they wear , anything like, that i just try to focus on what we need to do. good team we're playing, great team. they've been the best team number one team in the afc.
6:54 am
i think that speaks to how well they played all year. and her ' great football team. >> one of the weapons tom brady has is running back de dion lewis back in 2011, spent two season on the bench before tradd to cleveland. two years later he signed with the paths, and has blossomed in the last 13 games, he's averaging 90 yards, over 4 yards per carry, yards yards per catch, scoring ten touchdowns. they put people in tough situations cents, you know, he has enough power to run somebody over, believe it or not, for being a smaller guy. you know shall everybody knows he's got great spin mover. and he's real he will lewes i have. you know, he can carpet ball. a lot of the back can do different things, that's yes, sir's -- >> probably one of the most shifty backs in the league.
6:55 am
and his ability, what he is doing in the paths game as well as run game, is unique. >> and in minneapolis, the vince lombardi trophy has arrived, former viking had the honor of caring the trophy, so next sunday the birds will try and win it for the first time for the paths their sixth time , tying for most super bowl titles. the sixers start back-to-back stretch tonight, when they play the thunder, then tomorrow, they'll play the bucks. so with a game will joel embiid play in he hasn't been cleared to play in back-to-back games so far this season. stay tuned. college hoops over at the palestra, hawk will never die, st. joe's playing pennsylvania in a game. second half, quakers up by three, newkirk, three, he's good. game tide, led the hawks 19, pen comes right back, aj, drives, he led the quakers with 13, and then later off the rebound, the pass to ryan bently. three ball, nothing but net. penn beat st. joe's 67-56.
6:56 am
>> that's all for sports, i'm lesley van arsdall, have a great day. >> well, they're the envy of pro sports, yet fans lover to hate them. on the field, though, all of the patriots do is win. but as pat gallen shows us, winning the hearts of fans, different story. >> now they take on the patriots. what do you know about the patriots? >> they won five superbowls, last time the eagles were even in the super bowl they played the patriots. so there is a lot to live up to. a lot of tension going into the game. but will be great. >> scale of one to ten how much do you dislike the new england patriots? >> give it a nine. >> a nine. most people went like 15, 20, they went above and beyond. >> oh, zero, they are a zero in my book, they're cheaters. they're cheater. >> so ten then that you hate them? >> ten, hate them, a ten. >> you have made it clear. made it clear. on scale of one to ten how annoying are the patriots? >> eleven. >> ten. >> twelve. twenty. >> keep going? >> yes, 50, 100. >> thousand.
6:57 am
i don't know. i don't know. i can't stand tom brady. it will be the sweetest victory because like we're saying here, we want to knock the pretty boy off his thrown. >> now nick foles against tom brady. greatest every all time. >> i'm over tom brady. >> tom brady is not a bad guy, but i don't have as much hatred as everybody else, but a revenge match. >> scale of one to ten, how much do you dislike tom brady. >> hard to around, he is pretty darn good. >> tom brady, some call him the greatest every all time, would you agree with that? you can be honest. >> usually i would, but this week, no. >> i think i like nick foles way better than tom brady though. birds going to win it all. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> keith's ready. pat gallen, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> ya, we're not bias at all, not the slightest. >> people that pat spoke with may not have had a whole lot
6:58 am
of lover for the patriots, but there is a place in philly where their fans can gather and root for them. coming up see the popular center city bar the owner calls the patriots home away from home. plus pirates come ashore in florida we take to you tampa for decades olds tradition called pirate invasion of the city. >> than is a live look outside today. your dreary sunday forecast, when "eyewitness news" continues. stay with us, we're back at the top of the hour.
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